Newspaper, ink / 新聞紙、墨
BORN IN 1992
Daichiro Shinjo is a young artist bringing old-fashioned calligraphy into the future, pursuing unconventional light and contemporary expressions. Born in Okinawa’s Miyako Island, at the southernmost tip of Japan, Shinjo graduated from Department of Space Design at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture before moving to London to further develop his art.

昔ながらの書道を現代に持ち込み、型破りな光と現代的な表現を追求する若いアーティスト。 日本の最南端にある沖縄の宮古島で生まれ、静岡文化芸術大学の空間デザイン学科を卒業した後、ロンドンに移る。

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